Drupal VM allows you to run extra shell scripts at the end of the provisioning process, in case you need to do extra setup, further configure the VM, or install extra software outside the purview of Drupal VM.

To use an extra script, configure the path to the script (relative to provisioning/playbook.yml) in config.yml:

  - "../scripts/post-provision.sh"

The above example results in a post-provision.sh script running after the main Drupal VM setup is complete. Post provision scripts run after the first vagrant up, and then any time you run Vagrant provisioning (e.g. vagrant provision or vagrant up --provision).

You can define as many scripts as you would like, and any arguments after the path will be passed to the shell script itself (e.g. "- "../scripts/setup-paths.sh --option").

Place your post-provision scripts inside a scripts directory in the root of your Drupal VM project directory; this directory is gitignored, so you can continue to update Drupal VM without overwriting your scripts.